A positive attitude toward teaching in higher education

Thank you for expressing your interest in becoming a participant in this study by following the provided link. The study focuses on teaching in higher education. Specifically, we are interested in how the teaching professionals in higher education and the university teachers understand and describe positive attitude/passion for teaching. The study is part of the project “PROSO – Professional socialisation of junior researchers in teaching”, supported by the University of Rijeka. The project is a collaboration between the University and the Association for Higher Education Development “Universitas”, which is a part of the ICED network.

The data will be collected online, but it will be available only to the research team. Even though some of the participants’ personal data is being collected, ID documents are not required. All personal data will be managed in line with Ethical standards and EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). The identity of the research participants will be impossible to reveal due to both the nature of the collected data and its analysis. If you accept to participate in this research, please fill out the questionnaire. Filling out the questionnaire will take you about 20 minutes.

PROSO research team:
Jasminka Ledić (jledic@ffri.hr)
Marija Brajdić Vuković (marija@idi.hr)
Ivana Miočić (ivana.miocic@uniri.hr)